Reaching Operational Efficiency Goals In The Manufacturing Industry

Reaching Operational Efficiency Goals in the Manufacturing Industry

3 Risks Of Delaying Tow Truck Hydraulic Cylinder Repair

Terrence Hayes

A hydraulic cylinder is a critical part of your tow truck that facilitates efficient and safe towing. They are designed to stretch and lift heavy vehicles, allowing quick and safer towing. But despite their awe-inspiring abilities, tow truck hydraulic cylinders are not indestructible. It is easy to get tempted to delay tow truck hydraulic cylinder repair to handle one or two more jobs. However, this can turn into a real nightmare. This article will explore three risks of delaying truck hydraulic cylinder repair to help you understand why timely repair service is invaluable.

1. Reduced Efficiency

A damaged tow truck hydraulic cylinder is less efficient, whether it is a result of a fluid leak or piston defect. It will take longer to stretch and lift cars and could even cost you more. To compensate for the lost efficiency, you may have to step harder on the gas pedal to keep the hydraulic system running, increasing your gas bills. And the longer you delay the repair, the more your wallet will suffer. If you have a couple of malfunctioning hydraulic cylinders, you can bet they will take an enormous toll on your business profits. Get the damaged tow truck hydraulic cylinder repaired to restore its efficiency. 

2. Total Failure

Hydraulic system problems may start as a small defect, say a leak, but if you do not fix it, the damage will spread and put more pressure on the whole hydraulic system leading to extensive damage. For example, a delayed leak repair may lead to fractured glands or seals, barrel deformation, or damaged bearings. When you finally seek repair, you should not be surprised when the repair experts say you need a new tow truck hydraulic cylinder. This will cost you more money. This means that a problem you could have prevented will cost more if you don't seek help promptly.

3. Life-Threatening Injuries

While a tow truck hydraulic cylinder can lift extremely heavy vehicles, damage can render it a safety hazard. For instance, if a hydraulic system leaks, it might fail in the middle of a lift leading to life-ending injuries. Also, a leak can make the hydraulic system drift, leading to accidents since the driver will have a hard time controlling the load. To avoid the lawsuits that may follow when your damaged hydraulic system cause injuries, you should seek repair as soon as now.

If you think your tow truck hydraulic cylinder is failing, contact a hydraulic repair service for a diagnostic. After a thorough inspection, they will pinpoint the root cause of the problem and make the necessary repairs. Remember that this is the only way to keep your tow truck running efficiently and prevent fatal injuries.


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